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Welcome to MC-Master Hardware Company.
MC-Master Hardware Company is an international sourcing partner to hardware start-ups and established businesses who wish to take advantage of China-based manufacturing.
MC-Master Hardware Company can provide a professional equipment parts manufacturer in Shenzhen,  we have been selling high quality hardware and plastic parts for gym equipment, auto parts and motorcycle parts, motor parts at reasonable prices.  
We have ability to offer you full line of equipment parts made by plastic injection, Aluminum alloy Die-casting, Zinc alloy Die-casting, investment casting, CNC machining, tube bending, metal stamping, Revolver pressing, Aluminum alloy surface treatment, oil or hydraulic pressure, no dust plant painting and extrusion among others.  All ODM welcomed.  On demand we also provide affordable high-quality prototypes.
We connect our clients to our qualified factories and manage the process, from their first product to their millionth and beyond. With over 15 years of experience in China and outsourced manufacturing, we manage cultural and language issues, quality control, engineering and provide local support – so you can concentrate on product design and building your business.
we have project managers, marketing personnel, engineers, quality control managers and support staff — located throughout the major Chinese manufacturing hubs. With these partners, we can help you scale and grow to in-house manufacturing or a joint-venture factory.
Our experience covers a broad range of industries including electronics, tools, textiles, furniture, medical devices, consumer products, toys, metals, plastics, rubbers and many others.
Partnering with MC-Master Hardware Company gives our clients access to out-sourced manufacturing on par with multinational companies without the tremendous investment of time and resources usually required.
Mission Statement
At MC-Master Hardware Company, we are dedicated to providing honest, reliable, and high quality contract manufacturing and sourcing services for our clients, and providing fair and safe working opportunities for our employees and partners. By allowing our clients to operate at a higher level of manufacturing with reduced costs, we seek to help build the hardware revolution in all the world and facilitate the dreams of hardware entrepreneurs. By supporting and profit sharing with our personnel and factory workers, we seek to contribute to the lives of our employees and the communities in which they live.
Our success is measured by the success of our clients and by the improvements we facilitate in our manufacturing communities.
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  • Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China.
  • +86 18213858501
  • MasterHardware20@gmail.com
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