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QC Delivery

Quality control and delivery are the last essential steps in getting your product out of China and into your warehouse or fulfillment center. While quality is an ongoing process for us at MC-Master Hardware Company, during this last phase, it is critically important to you and to us to ensure that your products are exactly as they are meant to be. It begins with packaging your product and final inspection and ends when we get your feedback – and hopefully your love and next order too.


Blisters and clamshells and bags – oh my. Packaging is a huge topic – as you can discover here – so where to begin? When it comes to packaging, we’ve pretty much done it all, from customized hangers and octagonal gift boxes to the standard packaging methods used for most consumer products. Our engineers can help design the layout and dimensions for packaging your products in a safe and cost-effective way.

Some products require no retail packaging or are intended to be sold in bulk. In those cases, we offer bulk packaging solutions to protect the product during transport. For products that would benefit from retail packaging, there is a wide variety available. However, most fall into a few basic categories. Shown below are some of the most common types of packaging methods we use.

Final Quality Control:

MC-Master Hardware Company was born from having the difficult experience of getting high quality products from China correct the first time. Quality is the crux of our company, our pride and joy.

Greg Fisher, founder of MC-Master Hardware Company, says: “In my experience as a quality manager visiting hundreds of factories I came across defect after defect, horror story after horror story, and it became easy to see why.  Paint cans would lay open on factory floors, workers would have no idea what they were inspecting, and management found it more exciting to talk about quantities than specifications.  I was finally able to boil down quality success into a few categories: transparency, communication, measurement, and on-the-ground presence.  By putting these tools in place, we were able to catch the defects before they got on the boat and control the surprises at home.”

At MC-Master Hardware Company we have elaborated on those tools and extensively use pictures and video to more effectively provide transparency and communication.  We have spent countless hours over the last decade training our Chinese staff to understand the quality levels our customers expect, and we are continuously improving our training methods.  A tremendous number of defects occur due to poor communication between clients and production staff. We work closely with our clients throughout the process to define and communicate their product needs effectively. Our staff then visits the factories regularly to inspect and improve the quality of the product.


By land, or by sea or by air – we can help you get it there.

After your product is manufactured and packed, you can also ship them from China with MC-Master Hardware Company. Our shipping department can explore various logistics options and find the best solution for your shipping needs.

Our Shipping Partners

We have excellent relationships with multiple shipping partners with whom we can receive volume discounts. We will work with them to find the best rates and pass these volume shipping discounts on to you. We offer both FOB China, CIF destination port, and DDU shipping terms for your convenience.

Air Shipment Options

If the order is small or there’s just no time to wait, we’ll arrange an air shipment for you. By taking advantage of our FedEx discount, we can help minimize your cost.

Need parts of your order to go to various locations around the world? No problem. We can manage your multiple shipments from China and provide you with the information needed to track these shipments. By having us send your goods direct, your product gets where it needs to go with greater speed and at reduced cost.

Although it is often taken for granted or overlooked, products must be locally transported from the Chinese factories to the port. We can take care of this for you too.

Our Expertise Minimizes Your Costs

At MC-Master Hardware Company, we strive to minimize our clients shipping costs. One key factor in achieving that is using the right container for the load. There are two different shipping container options, either Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than Container Load (LCL). There are also different sizes that can be used, such as 20’, 40’, 40’ high-cube and 45’. We’ll help you optimize your order quantity, then we will calculate the best container to use to get the best price. If there is space leftover that can be filled, or if the best price container calls for a few less products, we’ll inform you and work to maximize your shipping value.

Logistics: We’ve Got You Covered

When it comes to your logistic needs, we have you covered.

We believe the logistics process should be as worry-free as possible for our clients and endeavor to make the transition from the Chinese factory to your port sail smoothly. You’ve got plenty of things that need your attention; logistics doesn’t need to be one of them.

Next Order Strategy:

We learn by our every success and learn even more when things don’t go exactly as planned and we at MC-Master Hardware Company measure our success by the success and happiness of our clients. After your order has arrived at your warehouse or fulfillment center, our next step is to make sure your satisfied with your products and to use our recent experiences to begin planning for your next order – and the growing success of your hardware startup or product company. Hardware products can always be improved, but it’s a process.

We use online management and tracking tools throughout, but also request your feedback at the critical and telling moment of final delivery.

Explore our feedback form.

After you explore, Next Order Strategy the next step in the process is…
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