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As an international sourcing company, sourcing your factory and manufacturing your product are the meat and bones of what we do at MC-Master Hardware Company. We’ve been doing this for years. We have evaluated over 800 products for China based manufacture and have helped to produce millions of units of products across several industries. Once your product is ready for China production, we’re ready to get you going. And once you’re up and going – we’re constantly checking and testing to ensure you and your final customers, get exactly what is expected. ensuring the quality of your production and your satisfaction.

Western Management at China Labor Prices

By applying Western management practices to the valuable labor resources in China, MC-Master Hardware Company is able to maximize the potential of the supply chain for your benefit. You can plug and play your product concept or designs into MC-Master Hardware Company’s contract manufacturing system and get the quality product you need at prices that are competitive with even the largest multinational companies. Design to shipment, we’re a full service manufacturing sourcing partner for whatever needs you have.

Sourcing Qualified Factories

As your manufacturing partner, we have the relationships and experience to find exactly the right factory for your needs. We have existing relationships with over 100 factories in China to choose from immediately, and we also get quotes from new factories for each product to ensure up-to-date pricing and quality (China changes fast so it’s important to always be adapting to stay ahead of the curve).

MC-Master Hardware Company will then send a project manager and an engineer to visit the relevant factories and, using our specific factory audit procedures, choose a primary and secondary supplier based on quality control, responsiveness, technology, social responsibility, price and many other factors. Throughout the manufacturing process, the project manager in charge of your project will coordinate with the factory engineers and management to ensure on-time delivery and quality, and will communicate the details to you each step of the way.


Tooling is one of the most important aspects in the production process. As the sourcing partner for clients from a wide range of product fields, MC-Master Hardware Company has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from. We have extensive experience with toolings across a broad realm of manufacturing processes involving molding, stamping, extrusion, die-cutting… of many different types of materials. Our factories use some of the most high tech machines available to getprecision cuts and meet specifications with low tolerances. We follow the well primed adage – measure twice and cut once. Tooling, depending on your hardware item or product involves creating molds for injection molding – or other manufacturing tools or aids, such as cutting tools, dies, fixtures, gauges, jigs, injection molds and/or patterns. All of these new “tools” are specially prepared for our hardware client’s specific product and maintained regularly ensuring optimal performance.


One of the most valuable services we offer as your sourcing partner is in developing a solid prototype of your product. Prototyping is a crucial step in the road to manufacturing and getting your product to market. Once your designs are complete, MC-Master Hardware Company will begin the process of turning your design specifications into a functioning prototype. To make your prototype, we employ:


· 3D Printing – Additive layering through ‘printing’ the plastics

· FDM (Fused Deposit Modeling) – Thermoplastics melted and deposited as additive layers

· SLA (Stereolithography Apparatus) – Photosensitive resins sintered by a laser that traces the part’s cross-sectional geometry

· SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) – Photosensitive powders sintered by a laser that traces the part’s cross-sectional geometry

· CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) – Computerized machining of solid pieces (metal, plastic, wood…)

· RTV Molds – Silicone molds for casting plastic parts

One thing to note is that our pricing for doing CNC parts is generally comparable to doing 3D printed parts in the US with other firms, but the CNC part gives a preferable surface finish and structural integrity that matches much closer with what the manufactured injection molded part will look like.


· CNC – Good for fine details of parts with similar structural integrity and surface finish of injected parts

· Traditional Craftsmanship – Utilizing traditional metal and woodworking tools and machines


· Traditional Seamstress Techniques – Sourcing correct materials and utilizing traditional sewing techniques


· PCB and PCBA prototyping

· Assembly of PCBA into housing or other components and tested according to guidelines


· Painting – Parts can be painted to your requirements

· Powder Coating – Parts can be powder-coated to your requirements

· Pad Printing – Parts can be pad printed to your requirements

· Silk Screening – Parts can be silk screened to your requirements

· Packaging – digital prints can be made for packaging mock-ups

Multiple Materials

· Integrative Technologies – A big advantage of working with MC-Master Hardware Company is that if your product has multiple materials, we can coordinate all of the above technologies to make each of the separate components and then assemble/integrate them together into your final product.


During this transformation of taking your product from conceptual drawing to a physical model, there are often small functionality issues that are unforeseeable in the initial drawing/design. Our team will work with you to overcome these obstacles and hone your design into a fully functioning working product. Once a prototype is created, our project managers and engineers will inspect and test it in minute detail, looking for weak spots and consumer use issues that might arise. Before shipment, we send a complete Prototype Inspection Report with pictures of the prototype and analysis of the prototype specifications/results.

Unlike a normal prototyping company, the suggestions and results garnered from our team will immediately translate into manufacturable product as our team is working with the factories directly. Often US based prototyping companies do not deeply understand the tools and machines available, or the most cost effective or efficient ways of working in China. This adds a costly and timely extra step in the process between the final prototype and the beginning of manufacturing as you work to redesign your product for manufacturing.

Once you have completed your prototype with us, the opposite will be true. You will not only have your prototype in hand, but a lot of the manufacturing details will have already been adjusted and confirmed with the factories that you will be using for your mass product and you’ll be well on your way to national distribution!


MC-Master Hardware Company provides turnkey manufacturing services designed for small businesses in a socially responsible and reliable way. As an international sourcing partner, we offer:

MC-Master Hardware Company’s mission is to provide honest, reliable, and high quality contract manufacturing and sourcing services for small businesses with manufacturing needs by efficiently bridging language, culture, and process gaps. By increasing the value of overseas labor, our aim is to allow our clients to operate at a higher level of manufacturing with reduced costs. We measure our success by the success of our clients and by the improvements we contribute to the lives of our employees, supporting personnel/factory workers and by our philanthropic contribution to those less fortunate both monetarily and through resource allocation.


Assembly is often the last natural opportunity to inspect a product as nearly every product must be assembled as the last step in the manufacturing process. Since certain inline inspection items (such as silk screen fullness, fits, alignment etc.) can be done without much additional effort during assembly if workers are well-trained and managed, doing our own in-house assembly gives us an excellent opportunity to have control over the quality of every product.

Doing in-house assembling also presents a significant tool to protect intellectual property. Outsourcing different parts to different suppliers and then putting all the pieces together behind closed doors ensures no Chinese manufacturers see the whole design in order to steal it. With MC-Master Hardware Company, your final product is in the hands of Western management with a strict philosophy of keeping your idea safe.

Quality Control:

Mass quantities of any hardware product are created on a production line and ensuring quality on that line is essential to our clients’ satisfaction. It was the reason MC-Master Hardware Company was created.

Quality is at the core of our business and at the core of you being satisfied with the hardware products we’re making for your clients. While every sourcing and manufacturing company will of course talk about quality control – we’re fairly unique in that we work with the factory before and during production to train their workers and managers, improve processes and controls, clarify inspection guidelines, and generally take a very hands-on approach to ensuring the factory has the skills and systems in place to execute production to the required level to make the product to your specifications.

We likewise incentivize our China-based associates and project managers with profit sharing based on your satisfaction, quality outcomes, and overall sales of your product!

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